Planning a loft conversion can seem daunting at first, here are a few answers to questions many of our customers ask us when they get in contact with us.

Does my Milltown Lofts need Planning Permission?

For most properties, the answer to this would be NO. Even for Dormers, the government have relaxed planning laws in relation to loft work. Permitted development means that, apart from a few restrictions, you can convert your loft with little “red tape”.

Will i need to move out during the works?

Again almost certainly NO. We are very experienced loft convertors & have developed a system that means all the works are contained within the loft. Scaffold access is utilised & only when the loft is nearly finished do we access the main part of the house to fit the stairs & join your new addition to your home.

Do we take care of everything?

YES – we offer a complete turn key package for your conversion. We deal with all the paperwork, we liaise with all professional bodies & bring in all trades. All you have to do is pick the wallpaper & carpets! (We can even do that if you trust our taste…..)

How long does the work take?

A simple “room in you roof” takes approx 4 weeks from start to finish. Dormer Lofts take approx 6/8 weeks.

My loft is small, what can I do?

Most conversions need 2.0m clear height from ceiling joist to underside of ridge beam. However, we have lots of experience & have ways of creating a loft from very limited space. Still give us a call, we maybe have a solution.

How long does it take once we say “yes”?

All good builders are busy (if they can start tomorrow run a mile…) but we can start your loft usually within 12 weeks of contacting our company.

Can we see a completed loft?

In a word, YES! We are rightly proud of our work & love showing completed lofts to new customers. It costs a fortune in chocolates & flowers for the “inconvenience” to our homeowners but its worth it